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The legacy of Catholic education at Saint Joseph School, with the support of many pastors, religious orders, and parishioners, began in 1909 in Kimmswick. Each ensuing decade, all marveled at the growth of the school and the number of students who went on to further their education.

Over a hundred years later, we can look back on our growth and the  
Classroom photo 1960s
countless alumni who have remained in the parish, sent their children to school here, and enriched the local community with their talents.

In the 2016-17 school year, we introduced two alumni events, the communion breakfast and the “Keeping the Legacy of Catholic Education Alive Since 1909” scholarship fund. It is important that we offer opportunities for our graduates to "stay connected" to SJS, while also making it possible for new generations of students to attend. 

Under the direction of Sr. Carol Sansone, ASCJ, Principal and Diane Naes, an alumna, the second Sunday of May was designated as Alumni Sunday. After the 10:00 AM Liturgy, a reception is held in the cafeteria which is decorated with photos of past pastors, religious sisters, lay teachers, and alumni. Faculty member Nancy Selsor also assisted with the project. This event has spurred an awareness of our alumni, as well as an effort to locate them and invite them in to tour the school and meet our current students. 

The Friday before the Alumni Mass on the Sunday in May, the eighth grade class is inducted into the Alumni Society and is entrusted with the knowledge of its legacy. “Keeping the Legacy of Catholic Education Alive Since 1909” will continue to be a vibrant part of the Saint Joseph community.