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Mission, Philosophy, & Core Values

Mission Statement

Saint Joseph School, a Catholic, co-educational, elementary school, promotes academic excellence rooted in Gospel values and Catholic tradition, fosters the formation of minds, hearts and spirits, and encourages growth in responsibility and service.

Our Philosophy

Saint Joseph School continually strives to be a witness of the teaching ministry of the Catholic Church to the children of the parish.
We recognize and believe:
  • That parents are the first educators of their children in knowledge and faith.
  • That we are here to help the parents pass on their Catholic Faith.
  • That every child is a unique person, created in the image and likeness of God.
  • That we seek to foster in each child the growth of the spiritual, moral, cultural, physical, intellectual, emotional, and social aspects.
As teachers, staff, principal, and pastor, our goal for the students who are entrusted into our care, in addition to providing a safe environment, is to lay the foundation of proclaiming and promoting Christ’s message to the whole child.

The faculty and staff of Saint Joseph School are committed to meeting the needs of children who truly benefit from the education provided by the school. If the school cannot meet the educational needs of a child, the school will make recommendations to assist families in placing the child in the best educational environment. The concern of the school is to see that each child’s needs are met.

Core Values

  • Formed in faith
  • Shaped by tradition
  • Nurtured as family
  • Encircled with care
  • Empowered for life