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Tuition & Fees

Tuition_Rates_for_the_2021-2022_School_Year_(unchanged_since_2016!) Card Icon
Tuition Rates for the 2021-2022 School Year (unchanged since 2016!)
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Tuition Rates for Grades K-8

+$300 registration Fee per student

Tuition Rates for Grades Pre-K3 & Junior Kindergarten*

One Student: $4,975
Two Students: $7,600
Three or more Students: $8,800

First Pre-K Student
5 Full Days: $5,400
3 Full Days: $3,400 **

Second Pre-K Student
5 Full Days: $4,850 
3 Full Days: $3,050 **

*Parents with a student(s) in grades K-8 will receive a 10% discount in total Pre-K tuition.

** School days for the 3 Full Day option are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

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Questions about tuition/payments?
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Please contact Karla Owensby, the parish business manager, at 636-464-1013 x103 or