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Our K-4 art curriculum is designed to encourage the students to appreciate their God-given talents and the talents of their classmates and others. Students are taught the elements of art and have the opportunity to practice them and further develop the skills at each grade level. The art curriculum follows the National Core Arts Standards and the Missouri Show-Me Standards for the visual arts.

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This year, Middle School students will be investigating the link between art and mathematics. Students will be working with 3-dimensional structures including architecture and topological studies with origami. Later this year we will find the beauty in polar geometry using spirographs, admire the divine proportions of ancient art and architecture, and collaborate with the Makerspace to create 3-D renderings of our 2-D drawings. While students won't necessarily come home with "art for the fridge," they will come home with a greater appreciation of the applications of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in their lives.