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Middle School

Middle school is made up of students in the 5th- 8th grades who attend 45-minute classes. 

As students transition into middle school, teachers work with them to build organization and study skills as a foundation for academic success. Students may begin to participate in Student Council and more extracurricular activities. Fifth graders also build teamwork skills and character through field trips and special activities. They also can deepen their participation at Mass by becoming altar servers. Students begin to use their own personal Bibles in religion class and experience different ways of praying to grow in their friendship with Christ. Each year during Lent, the fifth grade class presents the Living Stations of the Cross, working hard to perform each station in a “freeze frame” while other students read the prayers and reflections.

In sixth grade, the students serve as Safety Patrol for the school. The Safety Patrol, working in groups of 4-5, helps  maintain order in the parking lot during drop-off time. Each year in the spring, the sixth grade attends Camp Lakewood for two nights and three days. While at camp, the students participate in both team-building activities where they work with others, and individual activities where they learn to improve social skills as well as their self esteem.

By seventh grade, students are becoming more familiar with the comings and goings in the middle school. The use of Chromebooks, student planners, and study skill strategies become a normal part of their routine. Students are given more project-based work in order to build independent work skills. Students attend a Weather Bash field trip at Busch Stadium each year which includes both curriculum work and a Cardinals game!

The eighth graders, in their final year at Saint Joseph, are the leaders of the whole school. They members of SERT (Student Emergency Response Team) where they learn basic life saving techniques and skills including triage, putting out fires, and what to do in case of a mass casualty incident. It is a year-long program where students meet once a month with a member of the Rock Community Fire Department. The eighth graders step up to help in several ways throughout the year, assisting younger students and teachers or participating in activities like recycling. Each year the eighth grade attends a regional mass celebrated by the Archbishop. The students also serve as Ambassadors for Saint Joseph School during functions such as Open House and Meet the Teacher Night. In history class, the eighth grade get the privilege of having speakers come into the classroom and talk; one year the speaker was an actual Holocaust survivor. The eighth grade also takes field trips to the Civil War Museum and the Holocaust Museum.
Please refer to the High School page for a list of secondary schools our students typically attend.