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Music Curriculum Pre-K3- Grade 2

Our PreK3- 2nd grade music curriculum is designed to introduce students to the elements of music including rhythm, pitch, meter, tempo, and rhythmic accompaniment instruments. Students are given opportunities to create music through vocal performances and inquiry. A strong emphasis is placed on rhythm and movement at this age level. The PreK3-2nd grade curriculum is enhanced through music technology, rhythmic reading books, and musical games.

Music Curriculum Grades 3-5

Students in grades 3-5 continue discovery of new concepts related to the elements of music, including rhythm, pitch, meter, tempo,and hand instruments. An emphasis is placed on performance through quality musical repertoire including sacred music. Classes are exposed to the xylophone, bells, and recorder through individual and group setting activities. In addition, class music activities are enhanced with music technology.

Music Curriculum Grades 6-8

Students in grades 6-8 are exposed to a variety of musical experiences. Classes develop an appreciation of music as it relates to history and present day applications. A thorough understanding of musical periods, genres and styles of music, music theory concepts, and exposure to a variety of musical composers are included in yearly instruction.Our 6th-8th graders continue increasing the level of difficulty as it pertains to musical repertoire and performance materials including sacred music. In addition, class music activities are enhanced with music technology.

After School Choir Grade 4-8

Our choir is an optional, after-school organization that is offered to Grades 4-8. In this ensemble, students continue reinforcing musical skills already acquired in music class, but apply these skills through special performance opportunities. Utilizing choreography and special props, the ensemble presents exciting musical performances for the Saint Joseph Community. This past year, ensemble members performed selections from “Polar Express” at our Christmas concert and also presented songs from the challenging and enjoyable musical “The Greatest Showman” at our spring performance.

Beginning Band Grades 4-8 

In Beginning Band, students learn basic skills such as assembly and care of their chosen instrument (brass,percussion,woodwinds), proper playing position, posture, tone production, and playing technique for their instrument. Classes discover basic music theory and musical vocabulary such as reading and understanding musical notation and symbols. Students acquire the skills and understanding to express themselves musically as individuals and members of a larger ensemble. Beginning Band performs twice each school year

Advanced Band Grades 4-8

Advanced Band is a musical experience that provides students with more comprehensive band skills. Musical performances by the student are not limited only to the band setting, but also extended through exploration of solo and ensemble music, duets, trios, and quartets. Advanced Band participants learn the tenets of playing in a section of like instruments, and acquire the proper musicianship skills for quality artistic musicianship. Ensemble members develop and apply band techniques that enable them to perform, analyze, and describe musical performances. 
All music curriculum taught at Saint Joseph School follows the National General Music Standards provided by the National Association for Music Education (NAFME) and the Music Grade Level Expectations (GLEs) provided by the Missouri Department for Elementary and Secondary Education.