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Physical Education


The Saint Joseph School Physical Education curriculum is designed to help students develop skills, knowledge, and confidence they will need to be physically active throughout their entire life.
Also, all Saint Joseph School students learn about the importance of sportsmanship and respect. Students learn to demonstrate sportsmanship and respect in Physical Education classes through words and actions, regardless of skill level or abilities. In turn, the students learn to demonstrate the Gospel Values of Jesus Christ to each unique individual they encounter during activities.

Junior Kindergarten-Grade 1

Students learn locomotor skills, balance, non-locomotors skills, and general body movement. Students also gain a general knowledge of safe and healthy behaviors in class and at home, along with personal space and body control.

Grades 2-3

Students learn locomotor skills in combinations, along with non-locomotor skills combined within a variety of activities. Students start to learn more manipulative skills, organized games, and working in small groups. There is also an introduction to nutrition, warm up and cool down, and positive social skills.

Grades 4-5

Students learn throwing, catching, striking, and kicking in proper mature form and learn to incorporate those skills into organized games.
Students are introduced to team sports, which includes strategies within those sports. Fitness activities become more of a focus, as well as identifying various opportunities for physical activity outside of school and identifying the impact of food choices.

Grades 6-8

Students learn to demonstrate a variety of movement skills and movement patterns through various activities. Team sports start to have more strategy and movement involved. Fitness activities continue and students start to relate fitness activities as the type of exercise they can do for their whole life. Students learn the relationship between food choices, nutrition, and exercise. As in every grade, but especially in middle school, students are learning to exhibit responsible personal and social behavior that reflects respect to self and others.