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Drop-off and Pick-up

With the implementation of a new pattern for morning drop-offs and afternoon pickups, we thought we'd help facilitate an understanding of the flow and the logic behind it by making a few helpful videos. The videos are below. However, it may be useful to first READ the description and then watch the videos.

The morning flow (in addition to the video, see the drawing below) is essentially the same as last year, the only exception being that last year's "red" designation has been changed to "green" because red paint on a parking lot is reserved for fire lane use only.
  •  If you have been assigned to the "yellow" group, your entrance is the one just west of the church, so if you are coming up Old Antonia Road from the I-55 direction, you will turn left just after the church. If you are approaching from the other direction, you will turn right just before the church. Pull up toward the cafeteria for drop-off, or if you have Pre-K3 students, you may pull up closer to Holy Family Hall (HFH). If you need to park and get out of the car, please park BEHIND HFH along the fenceline.
  • If you are in the “green” group, and approaching from I-55, you will turn left just before the church. Continue straight up toward the statue for drop-off near the breezeway. Conversely if you are approaching from the opposite direction, you will turn right just after the church. To exit, take a left down the parking bay striped with green lines.
  • If you are in the “blue” group and approaching from I-55, you will turn left just before the church. Then turn left immediately and proceed down to the third parking bay, now striped with blue lines, and turn right. Drop-off is at near the gym. Then proceed to the exit by coming down the parking bay in front of the CCC.
The afternoon pick-up pattern has been improved to facilitate safety and efficiency. Please take note of the following guidelines that are demonstrated in the videos:
YELLOW, GREEN, and BLUE will ALL access the property at the entrance between the rectory and Holy Family Hall/Food pantry, which is the furthest west entrance. Immediately, the following will happen:
  •  Yellow group will proceed straight, take a left at the café, proceed as far up toward Old Antonia Road as possible, forming 3 lanes
  • Green and Blue will turn right immediately, then go left around the Food Pantry, behind the school, and emerge near the gym/Corpus Christi Center. NOTE WELL the “Do Not Block” fire lane area prominently marked on the pavement at that corner. Take a left at the front of the gym.
    • Green lane will proceed ahead and turn right into the parking bay lined with green stripes.
    • Blue lane will turn right into the parking bay lined with blue stripes
Pull all the way up, filling all 5 lanes.
All grassy peninsulas have been removed and paved over, so all 5 lanes are fully accessible at both ends.

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The drawing below is the MORNING traffic flow
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AM Traffic Flow

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This drawing is the AFTERNOON traffic flow
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PM Parking