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Lunch Program

Lunchtime in the cafePlease read through the instructions below before you begin so you will have answers to many of your important questions. Most importantly, it will allow you to avoid creating a new account when your account has already been set up

Parent setup instructions

Chris Saracino of Chris' Pancake and Dining in south St. Louis City, Chris'@ the Docket downtown, and Bartolino's Restaurants is in charge of the lunch program.
Chris' has been serving school lunches at St. Ambrose and St. Gabriel schools for more than ten years. Chris' team in the kitchen strives to provide healthy lunches and snacks and to serve the students in a timely and efficient manner through the line.
To facilitate parent ordering, menu management, and lunch service, we use a program called "EZ School Apps Lunch POS (Point of Sale)." We have created accounts for parents within the EZ School Apps portal; there you may put funds on account and pre-order lunches. You may also opt to send cash or a check in to school and the funds will be applied. The EZ School Apps program will send you a notification when the available funds are low so that you may replenish.