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Students are expected to wear our uniform with pride. Personal appearance is consistent with standards of good taste and appropriate for school and school events. Any dress or wearing of insignia conveying the image of gang membership, supporting the beliefs of hate groups, making sexual innuendos, or promoting drugs, alcohol, or tobacco is inappropriate for school and is not allowed and is subject to disciplinary action on the part of the school administration.
Catholic Supply supplies our school uniform.
When we change our clocks, we change our uniforms to the seasonal uniform.
Students wear gym uniform to school on P.E. days. However, please note that Pre-K students are not required to wear the PE uniform. They may wear their regular school uniform or choose to wear the PE uniform; however sneakers ARE required for PE. Please use this order form for PE uniforms.
Children in uniform

Girls and Boys

Shorts - Navy (polyester/cotton) or mesh navy blue gym shorts purchased -Catholic Supply.
Long Pants - Pleated or plain navy blue with straight legs. No rolling or cuff legs
A black, brown, or navy belt is required but younger students may have an elastic waist in place of the belt.
Sweatpants - Navy blue sweatpants ---Logos, stripes, snaps, zippers or slit in legs are unacceptable.
Polo Shirts - Long or short sleeve white or green knit shirt
T-shirt - White or gray with St. Joseph logo – worn for Physical Education Class
Shirts are tucked in. No printed t-shirts worn under a polo shirt.
No pockets or logos, or oversized shirts can be worn.
Sweater / Sweatshirts - Navy blue or forest green cardigan or pullover or forest green school fleece jacket
Hoodies with St. Joseph logo cannot be worn in classrooms.
Shirt must be worn under sweatshirt, tucked in and collar is out over a sweatshirt. 
  • Mostly white or mostly dark sneakers, Velcro or tie
  • Choice of Oxford, Loafer or Sperry in black, navy blue, brown or tan
These shoe selections are not acceptable:
  • High tops
  • Colored sneakers
  • Highlighted/accent colors of red, green or bright colors
  • Bright colored shoelaces
  • Wheels
  • Boots or boot style shoes
  • Designer shoes
Socks - White or navy blue socks are worn during the school day.

Instructions pertaining to girls only

Plaid Jumper - Pre-Kindergarten through 4th Grade -- Shorts must be worn under the jumper.
Skirt/Skort - Grades 5-8
Modest length and shorts are worn under the skirt. Navy blue or black leggings may be worn.
Socks - Socks must be worn. Solid white, navy or green socks or tights
Socks must not have any trim, lace, stripes or logos.
Knee Highs, solid-white, navy, or green knee high socks
Leggings: may wear leggings that end at the ankle in navy blue or black.

Girls and Boys as applicable:

Cosmetics - Not permitted. 
Nails - Artificial nails and decals and nail polish of any kind are not permitted.
Hair - Must be clean and neat. Must be worn away from eyes and brushed back away from the face
Girls’ hair must be of natural color. Hair coloring and streaks are not permitted.
No hats or scarves are worn to cover the head.