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In the Spring of 2018, The foundation for the new playgroundwe asked for student participation in defraying the cost of the playground. The idea is  that students could ask donors for a minimum of $12 a month for 10 months or $10 a month for 12 months. Some students received more from the donors they approached and some students are still in the midst of getting their pledges completed, but thus far we have raised a little over $4,000! Anyone wishing to donate may make a check payable to "RCF St. Joseph Imperial" and drop it off at the school office; thank you!
Playground progress, Nov. 12
The following students/families have reached their goal and made their returns of a $120 minimum. These names will be on a plaque that will be placed near the playground. Student donations received by February 14, 2019 and with a minimum of $120 will have their name added to the student playground fund plaque as well. Please let us know if we have inadvertently missed a name of a student/family. We have received some anonymous donations as well. We are grateful for the generosity of all who have contributed.
Vincent Balven
Jordan and Will Becker
Josie Cox
Jordis Flanagan
Kylar Huckfeldt
Keegan Kizer
Joseph Krassinger
Justin, Joshua (Joseph '18) Lehn
Kain & Rhett Mellon
Troy Meyer
Francis & William Null
Megan Pogue
Jaden Quinlan
Olivia & John Paul Sanchez
Luke, John, Joe & Nick Schmidt
Sienna Settlemoir
Benjamin Smith
Grayson Whittom